Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For Real??

Can it be that my baby is 8 months already (in 5 days). Why does it go by so fast? I really meant to do 6 month pictures but I guess 8 will have to do. I just snapped a few today cause she looked so sweet. She has been sick the last 3 weeks and her smile just wasn't the same . It's back now though and we are loving it. She loves hearing her own voice really loud, so that makes church real exciting. She is trying to crawl, but she just cant get the back and forth leg thing, I hold her up and she moves her arms but hops both her back feet like a bunny. Kinda cute! She love to see her brother and sister when the walk into the room her face lights up. She can't get enough of Vincent's craziness, he pretty much makes us crazy though. She is very content and doesn't really complain to much to us at all. I love her, and just want to squeeze her and eat her chunky legs.


Christy Ivory said...

So sweet Kristin:) These babies can bring so much joy can't they??
I'm so glad she is feel better..She is adorable!

Catrina said...

So amazing Kristin. I can never figure out which is more amazing, your photography or just how adorable your children are. She's really stunning and doing so much already. It seems like it wasn't so long ago you posted her video from the ultrasound!

Nancy Anne said...

I'm so glad you updated your blog. I wish Aimee would do the same.
I'm sure glad Vaya is feeling better.
She is such a sweet baby!

Jeannetta said...

Oh my gosh she is too cute!! Your children are so beautiful, and you photograph them so wonderfully.
Well done :D

Stephani said...

Aww, how gorgeous! And oh man, LOVE the dancin videos, how stinkin cute!!! :)

lou said...

i love the pictures of Vaya mom she looks so happy